Masthead – Spring 2018

Spring 2018


Emily Sheppard

Editorial Department


Dina Ginzburg

Managing Editor:

Kasey Caines

Section Editors:

Julia Abballe

Mary Delong

Jamie Stephen


Jim Guthrie

Rebecca Ricciardi

Creative Department

Creative Director:

Franziska Trilse

Art Director:

Danielle Duchin

Photography Director:

Lubna Sarigat

Ad Director:

Sarah Gilligan

General Designer:

Scout McCraw

Sales & Marketing Department

Sales Managers:

Heather Nelson

Rachel Langer

Social Media Coordinator:

Paige Gunning

Marketing Coordinator:

Sydney Roberts

Sales Representatives:

Jessica Zoltak

Tanya Ielyseieva

Production Manager:

Alex Harvey

Web Editor:

Kristen Wiens


OTD Student Acknowledgment/Gratitude

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all students who were involved in the developing stages of the production of this magazine.