A Spoonful of Honey Helps the Medicine Go Down

By Jenna Simpson Natural health clinics. Herbal dispensaries. The Carrot Common. Push-pin boards overflowing with flyers for alternative therapies. Even the most casual passerby walking along the Danforth can’t ignore the indications of a vibrant alternative health community. On the Danforth, conventional and alternative medicines coexist peacefully. Roger Lewis, manager and master herbalist at Thuna’s Wholistic Dispensary, says they receive many patients referred by medical doctors. “That’s the kind of doctor that we like to work with. That’s not the kind of doctor we want to steal a patient from. We’re not pretending to be medical experts—we’re herbalists.” He emphasizes that a balance between Western and alternative health practices benefits the patient. Lewis, who has worked at Thuna’s for 15 years, is certainly not alone in his approach. [...]