Dog Parks in the Danforth

Where you and your furry friend can go to enjoy some healthy activities

by Chelsea Phelan-Tran
Anthony Burns, UK,

Now that spring is on its way, we can start removing all the layers, and start enjoying the outdoors with our best friends—our dogs. Spring is the perfect time to go for walks, and you know your furry friend is going to want to tag along.  Dog-walking is a great way to get exercise. The cardio is good for you, as well as your dog, and since dog parks offer large areas for your pets to run and play freely, they are great if you want to play fetch, throw a ball or a Frizbee around.

After a long winter, dog parks can also lift spirits. Dogs thrive on socializing with other dogs and dog parks are the perfect places to provide that important interaction. And while your dog is making new friends, you can too. Dog parks offer a great way to socialize with other owners and people in your community, and allows you the opportunity to learn interesting facts about different breeds, the best dog foods available, canine behavior, and where the best veterinarians are in the area.

Take advantage of these dog parks on a regular basis and you can enjoy a happier, healthier pet.

Here are some of the greatest dog parks in the Danforth area. Some are leash-free and some are not, so make sure that you read the signs before letting your dog roam free.

Red – Greenwood Park (150 Greenwood Avenue) CDW/FEN

Orange – Merrill Bridge Road Park (1 East Lynn Avenue)

Yellow – Norwood Park (16 Norwood Road) CDW/FEN

Green – Gerrard Carlaw Parkette (855 Gerrard St. E) CDW/FEN

Blue – Cassels Avenue Playground (69 Cassels Avenue) CDW

Purple – Oakcrest Park (30 Oakcrest Avenue)

Black – Wildwood Crescent Playground (110 Wildwood Crescent) FEN

CDW – Commercial Dog Walkers allowed

FEN – Fenced Park

Always remember to poop and scoop! We all know what it’s like to step in poop and it’s not fun, and it’s very important that we keep these parks looking great every time we visit.

You can get biodegradable poop bags with easy tie handles or compostable poop bags made from 100% corn-based renewable resources from PoopBag. You can purchase them online or at a pet store near you:

Whatta Pup! – W8 – 388 Carlaw Ave.

Paws & Claws Gerrard – 1000 Gerrard St. E.

Furballs Pet Stuff – 1618 Gerrard St. E.

Pet Valu – Toronto – 869 Danforth Ave.

and many more!

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  • Nuno

    Great magazine – Loving it! With this article, I feel you missed a couple important parts of the ‘Danforth lifestyle’…As someone who lives near Donlands/Mortimer, two of the most important parks for my pup are Dieppe Park (Greenwood/Cosburn) and Taylor Creek (Bring a towel as your pup will go wild!). They’re staples for anyone who lives north of the Danforth. Great piece nonetheless.

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