Fashion Friday #8



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

It is my honour to be writing this week’s Fashion Friday about Anyka Davis. Anyka is best known for writing all of the Fashion Friday articles. She has entertained us with her views on the latest fashion trends that have been worn by the students in the publishing program at Centennial College. I am so pleased that I can showcase her amazing fashion sense in our final week of Fashion Friday.

Every time Anyka walks into the room, I have to check out what she’s wearing, and the night of the On the Danforth magazine launch party was no exception. Anyka was dazzling when she walked in wearing a navy blue dress covered in gold stars. She sparkled throughout the room everywhere she went.

Anyka perfectly paired her sparkling dress with simple black flats, which made this outfit comfortable for partying for many hours. Her tiny gold necklace accessorized this outfit without overpowering the sparkling gold in the dress. Anyka’s subtle accessories ensured that the dress was the star of this ensemble. This dress could easily go from day to night, from brightening up the work place to dazzling at a party.

The way that Anyka’s hair curls slightly at the ends perfectly frames her face. Her natural make up allows her stellar dress to be the main focus, but I also love Anyka’s pop of colour with her red lipstick. This is definitely on-trend with many fashion icons, such as Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence also sporting the classic red lip.

Anyka truly is our shining star. I can think of no better way to end the series of Fashion Friday articles than by writing about the way she sparkled like a star in that beautiful dress. She excels at everything she does, especially selecting her outfits everyday. If I have learned anything from this year, it is that I must bring Anyka with me the next time I got shopping for clothes!

Jillian Jemmett is the Fashion Editor for On the Danforth, Spring issue.  When she’s not reading various and magazines,  she enjoys cuddling with her Bichon puppy, Skippy.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @JillJemmett.

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