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A Night Out on the Danforth

People will say the Danforth is only about Greek food. And while yes, it does have some of the best Greek food you can find in the city, it also hosts a bunch of different things to do on a night out. Here is a local’s guide to spending your night on the Danforth:

Head for some Greek food

I just said that the Danforth is more than just Greek food, but doesn’t mean you have to forgo. Whether it’s gyros or souvlaki, there are three must-try restaurants to satisfy your need for tzatziki.

  • Pan on the Danforth: Great wine selection, and on Fridays and Saturdays they have belly dancers while on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they host live music.
  • The Pantheon: Awesome place for loads of food. If you finish your plate you might even get free dessert!
  • Messini: Best gyros on the Danforth hands down. They are five dollars all year round so don’t wait until the ridiculous lines at Taste of the Danforth.

Grab some dessert

Make sure to save room for some sweet treats.

  • Dolce Gelato: Flavours upon flavours of gelato! You’ll definitely want to try them all.
  • Athens Pastries: Pick up something to take home and then make sure to buy extras for the next day.
  • Demetres: Even though this chain is all over the city, it’s nice to look out onto the Danforth while enjoying your waffles.


The night is young! You’ll still want a night cap before heading home.

  • Louis Cifer: They brew their own beer in-house, which is open for those to see in the restaurant.
  • Fox and the Fiddle: Cheap pitchers to spilt with a group of friends. Added bonus: they have arcade games in the back.

Catch a show

The Danforth hosts the famous Danforth Music Hall which features cool acts most days of the week. The performances range so plan ahead to find the show that will suit you best. They also do not hold tickets for their own box office, but you can always try! Their sign out front also says which acts will be coming up.

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