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5 Places to get Vegan Sweets on the Danforth

With its seemingly endless row of restaurants, cafés, and bakeries, the Danforth is an epicurean haven. Whatever it is you crave, you are sure to find it here. Amongst the sizzling deep-fried Greek cheese, garlicky souvlaki, and limitless supply of delicate, honey-soaked pastries, vegan food might not be on your radar. Surprisingly, however, there are a number of places in the neighbourhood to get vegan and vegetarian meals, and even the ever-elusive vegan dessert. Here are five places to get sweet vegan treats on the Danforth.

Tsaa Tea Shop


Although Tsaa Tea Shop is primarily known for their impressive selection of tea, anyone with a sweet tooth should take a look at their selection of delectable desserts as well. The cupcakes here are all vegan, as well as the whoopee pies, cookies, assorted loaves, and even the decadent chocolate fudge cake. Tsaa’s plant-based wares are supplied by Sweets from the Earth, and are 100% vegan. Just be sure to ask about the treat that you want, because there are a few regular desserts mixed in with the vegan ones.

Von Donuts

Von Doughnuts 

What’s better than a donut? Vegan donuts have become a bit of a trend in Toronto in recent years, and Von Donuts was on the forefront of this fad. They offer different flavours of donuts each day of the week, and Saturday’s offering is a vegan, gluten-free, vanilla bean cake donut with a topping that changes every week. I’ll take a baker’s dozen, please.

The Only Café


The Only Café is frequently featured on Toronto Best of lists, and for good reason. Their beer selection is top notch, and the bar itself is cozy, quaint, and whimsically decorated. Although The Only is known more for its pub, the café is also a mandatory stop if you are visiting the Danforth, especially if you are of the vegan persuasion. They offer vegan hot chocolate and moist vegan chocolate chip cookies that will satisfy any chocoholic’s cravings. Note: The Only’s bakery selection varies daily, so be sure to check to see if the vegan cookies are available before you grab a seat—although the hot chocolate is sinfully delicious enough alone.

Dough Bakeshop


Walking into Dough Bakeshop is like receiving a warm, carby hug. The bakery is small, warmly lit, and cozy, and the aroma of freshly baked bread hits you like a delicious, fluffy brick as soon as you walk in the door. If you can pull yourself out of your olfactory reverie to peruse Dough’s offerings, you’ll find that there are more than a few vegan items available, including most of their breads and a fragrant chocolate chip banana loaf that will fulfil all of your vegan dreams. I’d gladly live here if they’d have me.

The Big Carrot 


The Big Carrot is a vegetarian and vegan mecca, boasting an incredible selection of both prepared and unprepared veggie and vegan foods. Here you can find pretty much everything you will ever need for a vegan diet, including a large variety of desserts. They offer everything from ice cream to cupcakes to cookies to raw cheesecake. Note: Although they have a huge variety of vegan desserts, they also have a selection of whole wheat, organic pastries that include eggs and butter, so be sure to check the ingredients before you make your purchase.


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