Shopping Tips for Those Who Hate Shopping

Are you someone who hates shopping for clothes? Does the thought of entering a store fill you with a sense of unexplainable dread and despair? It’s okay. Over my years working in retail I have met many people just like you. I understand, it can be an overwhelming task, especially if fashion isn’t one of your passions. But, at the end of the day we all need clothes (no shirt, no service, am I right?). So, from a former shop-girl, here are my tips for minimizing your pain and maximizing your gain next time your wardrobe needs a lift.  

  1. Size Doesn’t Matter

It just really doesn’t! I know we can all get attached to the little letter on the label, but the truth is, these sizes are not universal. A size small in one brand will not likely fit like a small in another. And sometimes you want things to fit differently. Maybe that t-shirt is actually cuter oversized. Sizes and fit are fun things to play with when shopping. They really allow you to customize clothing to your own style. So don’t sweat the small, medium, or large stuff. It doesn’t mean a thing.

  1. Trust the One Who Works There

Trust me, the people who work at whatever store you’re in work there ALL DAY. This means that they know what is in the store, sometimes even down to the size. If you’re looking for something particular, save yourself the time and just ask someone if they carry it. Even if you’re not looking for something in particular, but say, know you need clothes for an upcoming occasion, explain your situation and someone will help you find just what you were looking for. You’re not being annoying. At the boutique I worked at, helping people find clothing that made them feel great was the best part of my job. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. Leave the Bad Mood at Home

While retail therapy can be great, sometimes shopping can just put you, and the people around you, in an even worse mood. If you’re not having the greatest “me” day, any little hiccup in your shopping experience can spell disaster for mood and self esteem. If you’re feeling not-so-great, go home, make a nice cup of tea and watch your favourite guilty pleasure. Save the shopping for the days when you’re in a better mood and are ready to have fun. This will fill your closet with fun pieces that reflect how you feel at your best.

  1. Jeans Stretch!

Shopping for jeans is the worst. This is largely due to the fact that the pair that fit you perfectly in-store, once worn a few times begin to rebel. Betrayed and defeated, you are forced to buy a new pair and thus continue the cycle of denim hell. However, always keep in mind: you are not alone. Jeans tend to stretch about a quarter, to even half, a size after the first few wears. My advice? Buy your jeans a bit too tight. Trust me. If you find yourself between two sizes, go with the smaller.

*Extra tip: A friend once told me, to keep jeans from wearing out throw them into the freezer instead of the washer! The temperature of the freezer will kill any bacteria and odor while keeping the fit and the wash of your jeans intact.

  1. Keep an Open Mind

Sometimes we know exactly what we are looking for. A black, long-sleeved jumpsuit with a wide leg. A dark green shift dress with delicate detailing. A blush, cropped blazer to match my cream button-up. However, while it is good to have an idea of what you want, sometimes getting stubborn about something too specific will prevent you from trying pieces that will work gorgeously on you. I honestly believe the key to a successful shopping trip is to keep an open mind. Don’t get hung up on the details! You never know what you may find! And isn’t that the fun part?

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