5 Reasons to Print All of Your Photos

People are constantly taking photos of their family, of their significant other, to remember the big moments in their life. But everything has been digitalized, so people don’t print photos as often as they used to. I remember having current photos of myself and my family in my house my entire childhood, but now my mom’s house is full of outdated pictures. The only new photos she’s had in the last five years are from graduations and her wedding. It made me sad to think that I wouldn’t have any pictures after that to keep around my house, so I took it upon myself to print all the photos I loved so I could have a printed copy of them, and I believe everyone else should also do this for many reasons.


It will make you feel closer to your family

I recently moved to a new city away from my friends and family. It was really hard being so far away from them, but photos have really helped me. Before I moved, I made sure to print every picture I liked of every person I loved. I ended up with a lot of pictures, and I was able to use these pictures to feel closer to my family. I wasn’t able to see them in person everyday like I used to, but I could look at all the photos I had of them and smile at the memories I had made with them.


It’s really easy to get them printed

So many people don’t print their photos because they think it takes a lot of work or they simply don’t know how to do it. But it’s easier than ever to get your pictures printed now, and there’s many ways to do it. For me, it was easiest (and cheapest) to put photos on a USB and bring it to Walmart and order the photos from their kiosks. It’s super easy to use them, and it’s only $0.10 per print. And if you’re unsure how to use the kiosk, there’s always a Walmart employee at the Photo Centre that can help you. If you don’t want to go to a store to print pictures, there’s also a ton of sites you can use to order pictures. Shutterfly is a popular printing website, and it’s really easy to order all your photos, especially since you can upload your photos right from your computer or phone. Both options are super easy to use, so you have no more excuses to not print your photos!


It’s a great way to personalize your home

Hanging up generic images in your house can make it feel a little lonely. And let’s face it, it looks a little sad when people come to visit and you only have landscapes on the walls. Make the photos more personal! Your house will feel more like a home if you hang up pictures of the people you love. And if you don’t want to hang up simple frames, there’s other great ways to decorate! For my apartment, I bought clothes pins and adhered them to the wall, and then I used them to hang up my photos, and I love it. Another great way to use your pictures is by turning them into a photobook! You can compile all of your pictures into one book, like a photo album but with all the pictures printed right onto the pages. You can keep this for yourself, or you can keep it out as a coffee table book so other people can enjoy your pictures when they come over. There’s a million other ways to display your photos, and using images of your family and friends makes it much more personal.

Your kids can keep these memories even longer

When I was younger, I would always look through the photo albums my mom kept of every picture she had of me. It started on the day I was born and included every big (and small) event that happened to me. Looking at that album was always amazing because I had all these memories in one place and didn’t have to search for them. Now that everything has been replaced with a digital version, photos rarely get printed the way they used to, and that’s a shame for all the children who only have Facebook or a memory card to look at when they want to see photos. Printing pictures will allow you to keep all those important memories for yourself and your kids, especially when the technology you use fails to work. Physical photos last longer. Your kids will thank you for it.


You can hang up your new pictures with all of your old ones

The nice thing with physical photos is that you have access to moments from your entire life. This means that you can put up pictures from when you were a child next to recent ones. It’s a little like Throwback Thursday, but you get to see those pictures every day. It’s even better when you have photos with your family throughout your life because you can hang them all up together and marvel at the differences. I have many pictures of me and my brothers throughout the years, and I love seeing them all lined up in chronological order so I can see how much the three of us have changed. It can be really funny (I have a picture where my brothers are making ridiculous faces and they HATE it now, so of course I hung it up), but it’s also really great to see how we grew up together. It’s definitely something to cherish.

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