• Toronto Blue Jays

    Where to Get Your Alternative Toronto Blue Jays Gear

    With spring training in full swing and regular season games just weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to your next Toronto Blue Jays game. I, myself like to prepare well in advance, because going to a game isn’t just about watching Kevin Pillar dive 11 ft to catch a fly ball, or watching Bautista hit yet another dinger. It’s about the atmosphere and how to completely immerse yourself into the team spirit. Here are my suggestions on how to get geared up without spending a fortune on an authentic jersey. AnnaMayHenry $32 This online Etsy shop offers one single Blue Jays item: a…

  • BellLetsTalk

    Bell Let’s Talk

    Bell Let’s Talk is admittedly the most well-known campaign to assist with mental health awareness. In the spirit of encouraging conversation, I sat down with Ashley Posluns and Ethan Lipson to discuss the details you may not already know about. What do you know about Bell Let’s Talk?  Ashley: This campaign is now in its sixth year of supporting mental health initiatives in Canada. On a specified day in January, any text message sent and local or long distance phone call made by Bell cellular service customers’ results in 5 cents being donated to many large and small mental health organizations. Non-Bell customers can still participate by tweeting with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk or…

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    How to Survive Post-Holiday Depression

    All of December is spent preparing for the holidays. And let’s face it: it can be too much. Our efforts go towards planning and organizing holiday dinners and parties. We spend more than we can afford on gifts and decorations. We see family and friends day after day. But after all the hype and adrenaline has run out, what’s left? In a short few hours, all of that time, money and socialization is gone. If you’re anything like the 20% of Canadians who experience anxiety, then you’re struggling to get through the last few days before work or school resume. Here are some strategies to get you through until your…

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    For the Kale and For the Cause

    [From Left, Nikita Billy, Sarah Ojamäe, Tyler Reaume, Kanav Sharma, Marc Dodsworth, Nick Wattie] On Thursday December 3rd, Centennial College hosted a pop-up market to raise money for Action Against Hunger. The little event provided sustainably produced food and handcrafted gifts to its shoppers. But the group of students truly went above and beyond: they sourced a raffle and silent auction, and provided gift-wrapping, a photo booth, and even a piñata for the kids. Aside from having a good time planning and hosting the event, the organizers learned a lot. “We take the availability of sustainable food for granted in Canada,” says Sarah Ojamäe. “We thought the task would make us…

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    Because It’s 2015

    By now you’ve heard of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s famous response to the question: “why is [a gender balanced cabinet] so important to you?” But what else is he doing to help feminism in Canada? Aboriginal Women After years of Harper avoiding the issue, Trudeau has pledged to finally investigate the murders and disappearances of hundreds of Aboriginal women. But he isn’t stopping there; he plans to work with many Aboriginal communities and organizations to deal with the unique issues that these women and girls face everyday. Parental Leave Future fathers, this one’s for you, because feminism is not only limited to woman’s rights. Trudeau plans to increase parental leave…