La Di Da ♪

If you think this boutique sounds good, wait until you see it!

By Lisa Wray

ladida store front

The La Di Da Boutique, located at 128 Danforth Avenue, is a haven ladida robefor the last-minute gift shopper. Its walls are filled with a unique array of jewellery, edibles, stationary, and items for the home…including a collection of the sexiest aprons I have ever seen (these are definitely not of the variety your mother wore!). The store opened in 2006 by co-owners Joanie and Elise. The boutique initially promoted an aesthetics studio, but they closed it this past Christmas and now devote their time focusing on stock.

“We just pick what we like,” co-owner Joanie describes about their method of choosing La Di Da’s items. She also highlights “tradeshows” and the pairs worldly “travels” as two sources of inspiration for the stores products.

ladida nail polish Joanie shared their latest product with me, nail polish and nail polish remover. But, like everything else in La Di Da land, they are not of the drugstore variety. Purchased from Karma Organic, a spa in New Jersey, these products are organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. The nail polish remover uses soybean oil, which not only removes polish of all nail colours (even black!), but moisturizes the nail and cuticle. A major bonus of this product is that it’s scent free; something the men at home will surely appreciate. Check out their website for a peek of what’s in store.

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