5 Tips to Dining Alone on the Danforth

One girl’s guide to the art of solo dining.
By Lindsey Magee

5 Tips to Dining Alone on the Danforth

For some, the thought of dining alone is liberating; for others, it’s daunting. Here are a few suggestions I came up with while lunching alone at Messini’s, a Greek restaurant on Danforth Avenue, to help you overcome your fear and keep you entertained while dining alone.

If you have pondered the idea of going out for a quick bite by yourself, but paused at the thought of looking like a helpless, friendless loser, then fear no longer. In the spirit of self-liberation, I have created 5 tips you can follow that will not only enhance your solo dining experience, but will make the other patrons curse themselves for not being as cool as you:

  1. Bring a book. If you just can’t stand the thought of twiddling your thumbs while you wait for your meal, a book is your best bet. May I suggest David Sedaris?
  2. On your (preferably clean) napkin, write a short story for your server. This is a great way to thank your server for their generous hospitality. “If I were a server,” says fellow Messini’s patron Jackie Hermanovsky, “I would love to find that someone had written me a story!”
  3. Spot the couple on a first date. Take bets with your server on how well it’s going. Speculate on who is taking who home tonight. If you guess correctly, treat yourself to dessert.
  4. Seek out people in deep conversation. If you don’t have the pleasure of sitting close enough to hear, imagine your own dialogue for them. What do you think they should be saying to each other?
  5. Take out your music player of choice and rock out. You say techno? I say techYES!

5 tips to Dining Alone on the Danforth - Messini's solo chairThis is merely a guide to help break the ice and give you a few ideas for your first solo dining experience. If my me-date at Messini’s taught me anything, it’s that going to a restaurant by yourself is not only highly enjoyable, but absolutely nothing to be ashamed of—especially if you try these tips.

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