A Sense of the Danforth

By Jesse Hooper


Sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste: these are the five senses. If you, dear reader, take your time and read this article carefully, you will notice that we highlight these five senses as best we can. But we need help. What are the iconic sights, smells, and tastes of your neighbourhood? Join the discussion in the comments and let us know what your senses tell you. It’s time to stop and feel the Danforth all around you.


See…the fountain spraying rainbows on a summer afternoon

See…the high-rising places of worship, touching the warm blue sky

See…the 29th fruit stand as you complete your walk around the block


Hear…the church bells ringing on Sunday morning

Hear…the children playing in the schoolyard

Hear…that guy, vested in orange, blowing a whistle at Pape and Danforth and walking to the middle of the street when your “Walk” sign lights up


Touch…the fur of a purebred Golden Retriever

Touch…the cool grass in the shady parkette

Touch…the gum on the underside of that patio table…now on the top of your knee


Smell…the perfume of that lovely lady you opened the door for at the bank

Smell…the barbecued T-bone wafting from a nearby yard

Smell…what is that, the sewer? Okay, that’s gross


Taste…the hot sauce that melts your palate

Taste…the cool flush of a pint of beer, as you people-watch carelessly on the sidewalk of your favourite bar

Taste…the French fries that were intentionally inserted into your pita souvlaki

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