10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girls

It is that time of year again: the day when a woman can be guaranteed a romantic date and a thoughtful gift. But buying just the right item can be tricky, because what you choose will let a girl know just how much you pay attention to her interests and that you care.

The Readaholic

If she loves books, buy her a book! It is hard to go wrong with a classic Jane Austin tale of love and society, such as Pride and Prejudice. If she isn’t fond of the traditional version, perhaps go with something like Sense and Sensibility and Sea monsters. To add a more personal touch, choose a quote from the book that says how you feel about her… or at least a line that you know she’ll love.

Try Re:Reading, 584 Danforth Avenue.

The Cinephile

Nothing is sweeter than watching a romantic movie with your beau, so find a DVD that will make her sigh with happiness.  Some of the best movies are the classics, such as Roman Holiday or Casablanca. For newer movies, think The Notebook” or Letters to Juliet as they would be good too.

Try Rogers Plus, 730 Danforth Ave. or Blockbuster Video, 837 Danforth Ave.

The Foodie

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, but the same goes for the female food-lover. You could prepare a romantic dinner for two or even an indoor picnic.  If you aren’t a great cook, consider getting the meal catered, but at the very least make her a homemade cake (using a cake mix from a box counts). Choose either a heart shaped pan or perhaps whip up some cupcakes topped with heart candies.

Try Three’s Company Catering & Café, 673 Danforth Ave or Sun Valley Fruit & Grocery Lmt., 583 Danforth Ave

The Green Thumb

If she loves to garden, you might want to think twice about giving her a guillotined flower. Instead, make her a gardening gift basket buy purchasing a clay pot, some dirt, a packet of seeds, and a mini watering can. Together, you and she can create an indoor garden that will make her think of you every time she goes to water her plants.

Try Bill’s Garden Centre, 903 Pape Ave.

The Brainiac

Giving a gift to a genius doesn’t take a genius, just some ingenuity. Find a pretty silver frame and have it engraved with something like “U + I = <3” or even the clichéd “I <3 U.” Choose a favourite photo of you as a couple to put inside and she’ll “<3 U” for eternity.

Try Dimensions Custom Framing, 800 Broadview Ave.

The Music Lover

This gift may take some time and a good memory, but making her a mixed CD of romantic music, such as the first song you danced to, “your” song, or other swoon-worthy tunes, shows her how well you know her tastes.  If you don’t have a song yet as a couple, go to the music store and find a CD that you think she’ll love, and maybe one of those can become it. An alternate option would be to pay for those music lessons she’s always wanted.

Try Elite Music Academy, 822 Danforth Ave.

The Artiste

Art is highly personal and totally biased, but if you made it for her she will adore it.  Take the time to create a multi-media masterpiece or scrapbook a photo album using items from dates you’ve gone on. Include photographs, movie stubs, concert tickets, (clean) napkins or coasters, and more. That way your lack of artistic ability will cease to matter.

Try Deserres, 2056 Danforth Ave.

The Athlete

When you spend the day tackling your opponent or running around a court all day, a little pampering afterwards wouldn’t go amiss.  Consider putting together a spa-like gift basket containing massage oils, bubble bath, some cooling foot lotion, and scented candles. Don’t forget to include a box of hockey pucks, tennis balls, golf tees, or some item of her chosen sport. If she’s not into team activities, why not pay for dance classes?

Try Metro Movement Dance Studio, 833 Broadview Avenue

The Girly-Girl

This fashionista is all about looking and feeling good, so a gift certificate from her favourite salon and nail parlor would be just the thing.  Nothing could be easier than picking up the tab for her to get a little primping prior to going out on a fantastic date with you! Not only will she appreciate a little feminine fun, but you’ll get to appreciate how fantastic she looks!

Try Tips Nail Bar & Spa, 844a Danforth Ave. or Sheila’s Shear Art, 750 Broadview Ave.

The Classic Romantic

Perhaps the easiest girl to buy for since the traditional chocolates, flowers, and an adorable stuffed animal will be perfect.  If you know her favourite flowers go with those, but if not, choose a single red rose that says “I love you” or a pink sweetheart rose. If she has allergies, particularly to peanuts, make sure to read the ingredients on the chocolate box!

Try Treasure Island Toys, 581 Danforth Ave or Suckers Candy Co, 450 Danforth Ave.

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