“No Strings Attached” An Okay V-Day Movie Date

No Strings Attached – The title of this movie pretty much summarizes my feelings for it. Natalie Portman movies usually have a high re-watch value for me as she is one of my favourite actresses, but I don’t see myself running to revisit this one.

The first half of the movie had me wondering why I heard such bad reviews about it, but the second half answered that question. Although Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher played well off of each other, the cheesy script they were working with dampened their performances.

Director Ivan Reitman, (who arguably has not made a good movie since the 90’s) successfully made me cringe through some awkward sex scenes and dinner table moments. First time screenplay writer Elizabeth Meriwether did manage to make me laugh out loud several times throughout the film, but the fact that she couldn’t resist using clichés in the movie’s integral scenes made me groan.

The characters had quirks that were never explained, and I felt the movie would have been much stronger if it allowed the actors to develop those characters rather than hurl through the story without going deeper than the surface. Unfortunately, the movie stayed at its cheesy rom-com level throughout rather than elevate to something genuine.

Final verdict: 6/10
Points lost for cheese, predictability, and more cheese.

Single this Valentine’s Day? – Don’t be afraid to check out these flicks on your own:

500 Days of Summer: this movie will make you glad you are not in a relationship.
Zombieland: Oscar nominees, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson are bound to make you forget you’re alone.

Here are a few movies you can cuddle up with when you’re cuddling next to a significant other:

From Paris With Love: a fun action movie that can be enjoyed by both sexes.
Date Night: watching Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s characters have a crazy night will ensure laughs.

What do you recommend?

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