10 Gifts For Your Man On Valentine’s Day

It goes without saying that Valentine’s is a day that women look forward to far more than men. But that doesn’t mean guys don’t like getting gifts, too. It doesn’t have to be big –and he’d prefer if it wasn’t– so here’s a list of small things that will make him feel the same way he makes you feel.

The Reader

If your guy is into literature, scan the shelves of one of the local bookstores for a first edition or vintage copy of his favourite novel. Skip the tacky card and give Hemingway a run for his money by writing on the empty title pages instead.

Try Circus Books and Music, 866 Danforth Ave.

The Movie Buff

If the two of you spend a lot of time watching movies together, avoid crowded theatres and late fees by getting him a Netflix subscription. It’s only $8 a month and the movies stream to a laptop or through most gaming consoles, so you never have to leave the couch.

The Whiskey Lover

If he’s into the stronger stuff, he’ll probably enjoy a set of whiskey stones to keep it cold. They’re relatively inexpensive, prevent diluting, and won’t take up much room in his freezer… particularly if he forgets to refill the ice cube tray.

Try iQLiving, 542 Danforth Ave.

The Gardener

Even though it’s February, you can still satisfy his green thumb by getting him an office plant. It will breathe life into his workplace and make him think of you. So avoid a cactus and make sure he takes care of it.

Try Bill’s Garden Centre, 903 Pape.

The Sports Fan

If he is a sports nut, there is almost always something happening in Toronto to keep him happy. While a pair of Leafs tickets can cost a fortune, Raptors, Marlies and Rock tickets can be had for $20 apiece and will get him closer to the action.


The Sartorialist

If your guy knows the difference between rack and bespoke, he’ll appreciate it if you add a small accessory to his closet. If his office is more formal, try a pair of cuff links or a tie bar. If he’s a casual guy, a sports watch will remind him to call you every time he glances down at it. If he’s not the jewellery type, a pair of sunglasses can be found in a variety of styles and prices.

Try Korry’s Clothiers, 569 Danforth Ave

The Phone Enthusiast

Load up his iPhone or Blackberry with a bunch of new apps to keep him busy. Perhaps a GPS app to keep him from getting lost? Or a wine pairing app to keep you both happy? Whatever he is in to, apps are cheap and provide hours of entertainment. If he’s not in to apps, a leather case will also go a long way.

The Jock

If your guy goes to the gym regularly, there is a good chance he’s missing several items from his gym bag that he has been neglecting to purchase. There are plenty of items that he can use, and most of them are available at drugstores for cheap. Start with the basics: body wash, flip-flops, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, and shampoo. Toss them in a toiletry kit and you just made his life easier.

Try Shoppers Drug Mart, 2492 Danforth Ave

The Casual Smoker

Not to endorse a harmful habit, but every man enjoys a nice cigar once in awhile. A sturdy leather case to keep them intact can be had for less than you’d think, and a pair of quality Romeo y Julieta or Cohiba’s will cost you under $20. And since you bought them, he won’t feel as bad.

Try Red Smoke Tobacconist, 824 Danforth Ave.

The Romantic

Write him a letter. Seriously. Use a pen, or use a quill and ink if you’ve got it. Just don’t type it. Write it on nice stationary in that long-hand he’s probably never seen. You don’t have to kiss it with lipstick or spray it with perfume – the words will be enough. He’ll hold onto it for a long time.

Try Pulp, 348 Danforth Avenue.


  • TMR

    So I was in trouble. I’ve only been officially dating this guy for a month and I wasn’t planning on doing anything special for V-day nor getting him anything. But he seems all excited. He’s even taken the day off of work. So now I’m thinking maybe I should get him a little something…course I had no idea what. Thank goodness for the internet right. Thanks soooo much for this list- it’s probably gonna be my life saver come v-day 🙂

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