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Toronto-based TV Series Being Erica filmed on local streets

by Vanessa Pinto

CBC’s Being Erica recently released Erica’s City. This is an interactive map of the series’ film sites within the city of Toronto and it includes several locations in the Toronto-Danforth area. For faithful frequenters of Toronto-Danforth, and nostalgic Being Erica fans, here are a few local spots you might want to revisit — from west to east:

Danforth and Chester

Episode 208 – “Danforth Avenue”
CBC video clip screenshot from Erica’s City

Erica is walking along Danforth Avenue. This is likely within the vicinity of Chester Station — as the original map, and subway sign in the photo reveals.

Danforth and Logan

Episode 208 – “Logan Avenue”
CBC video clip screenshot from Erica’s City

This clip appears to have been filmed slightly north of Danforth Ave., on Logan Ave. near the Chester Station parking lot. It features Erica’s sister Sam, and Sam’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Josh.

Episode 405 – “Dr. Tom and Amanda”

Erica’s therapist Dr. Tom explores the Alexander the Great Parkette on his first date with his long-lost love, Amanda. Note the fountain on the bottom right, as well as the Greektown lamppost top right.

Centennial College (Mortimer and Carlaw)

Episode 403 – “Wilson Heights Collegiate 1969”
CBC video clip screenshot from Erica’s City

The episode explores the outside of Centennial College, as well as the inside — including the central ramp most recognizable from the original Degrassi High series. In this episode, Erica goes back in time to her mother’s high school, Wilson Heights Collegiate, in 1969.

Noah’s Ark (Danforth and Dawes)

Episode 305 – “Bartender Erica” and “Hasting’s wake at Morrison’s Pub”
CBC video clip screenshot from Erica’s City

Along the Danforth just east of Main St. lies one of the oldest pubs in the city, Noah’s Ark. The pub was renamed for the episode as “Morrison’s Pub,” an old Irish ale house where Adam revisits his past with organized crime.

All video clips of the above locations can be found at Erica’s City by clicking on the map thumbnails.


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