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Dates on a Dime

Three weekly budget date ideas in the city

by Michelle Medford
A couple at a tango lesson, taken Oct. 9, 2007 by cobalt123 on Flickr at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Dinner and a movie is a standard in the dating game. It can get old quickly, not to mention it doesn’t come cheap! That’s why each week, we offer creative date ideas on a budget, so you can keep it fresh and save a few dollars along the way.

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA)


This not-for-profit museum features two exhibition spaces that change every one to two weeks. This means they don’t have a permanent exhibit, so there’s always something new to see. The gallery features innovative, daring art, making it easier to break the ice on a first date if you’re searching for a discussion point. They also occasionally feature international art, highlighting the Canadian voice in a global context.

Price: Pay what you can

Canadian Opera Company’s (COC) Free Concert Series


You don’t have to be an opera buff to enjoy the COC’s Free Concert Series, as they feature jazz, vocal, piano chamber and world music, as well as dance performances. Most shows take place on Tuesdays to Thursdays at noon, plus the occasional Wednesday evening, and seats are at a first-come, first-served basis, but did we mention that it’s free? This month features pieces on Chinese culture, the celebration of women, and Mexican heritage, but if you really want to ‘up’ the romance factor, try Lost Love Songs from their Jazz series on February 1.

Price: Free

Club Milonga


For a more daring date, the not-for-profit Club Milonga offers tango lessons and is close to home at Bowden and Danforth. Cue romantic references. Lessons take place on Tuesday evenings and offer a choice between newcomer classes and intermediate classes. Once you’ve been to a few lessons, you can drop in for practice time afterhours. Also, if you’re looking to sneak in some extra practice between lessons to impress a special someone, they also offer lessons on DVD for rent.

Price: $5-10



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