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In the Art of the Danforth

The Only local pub/café does its part by adding a splash of colour to the street

by Katy Littlejohn

Stop by The One in the Only for a groovy coffeehouse atmosphere, or the Only Café next door for your pick of interesting draughts. Or just stop by for the art.

The Only Café lives up to its name as a one-of-a-kind visual experience on the Danforth.
Amid the dreary humdrum of off-white businesses, The Only Café screams for diversity and vibrancy.
The sidewalk is the first thing to catch the attention of pedestrians busily bustling through their day. It beckons them to stop and soak up their surroundings.
A tribute to The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” sets the tone for passers-by, alerting them to the whimsical façade to come.
A touching addition to the sidewalk mural salutes the late Amy Winehouse, whose musical style of vintage blues and jazz definitely compliments the atmosphere of the café.
The billowing clouds turn the world upside down and put us in awe of the commitment the café has for artistic liberties. Someone is certainly thinking outside of the box.
The central figure of the façade, only noticeable from across the street, depicts a man emerging from the ocean, connecting the sea to the sky. Sort of like the building itself, he provides a strong commitment to an aesthetic message from bottom to top.

 The Only Café is located at 966 Danforth Ave. Come for the art, stay for a pint!
Photos by Katy Littlejohn.



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