Winter Dressing 101

Brighten up your winter with the season’s most colourful coats

by Megan Patterson

It’s no secret that Canadian winters are long, dark, and depressing. This is only made worse by dressing in drabs greys and blacks as most people seem to do. Want to break out of this rut? Spice up your winter wardrobe with some colour! Not only will you feel fabulous but you will never get lost in busy malls during the Christmas rush and New Year’s sales, and people will always be able to find you in the subway or even in a snowstorm.

  • Go for pattern. It might not be possible to find a colourful coat for winter (unfortunately, my philosophy is only very slowly starting to be shared by the bulk of Canadian retailers), but pattern is just as good for breaking up the monotony. Where to shop for funky patterns: Rickis, Le Chateau, Sears.
  • Choose a colour that suits you. Blondes look great in reds and oranges, brunettes in blues and purples, and redheads in greens and browns. But really, any colour that speaks to you is a good colour in my opinion.  Where to shop for bold colours: Le Chateau, Joe Fresh.
  • Accessorize with pops of colour. Too scared to make the full technicolour plunge? Accessorize instead. Get some red gloves to go with your black peacoat, yellow to go with your navy wool trench, or a bright pink scarf to go with your white puffer coat. Accessories are an inexpensive and great way to mix up your winter look without spending a lot of money.  Where to shop for great accessories: Zellers, Walmart, Winners, Joe Fresh.
  • Make sure the fit is good.  When you’re wearing bright colours, you do want to make sure your coat fits you perfectly. It should be big enough so you can layer a bit underneath it if you need to, but not so big that it looks shapeless. To help avoid this, look for coats with belts and sashes; they will always give you a bit of shape.
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