Losing Your Voice in the Chair

Simple tips to help you stay clear of a regrettable ‘do.

by Rachel Power

Many of us have been there.  We go to a new salon with a vision of what we want to look like when we leave, only to leave disappointed – or worse, in tears.

So how did it come to this?
You did your homework. You searched around your neighborhood and found a reputable looking salon. You assume, like most people, that if you go to a professional salon, you will leave with professional results.  If only it were that simple! There are so many roadblocks that can stop you from arriving at hair bliss.

Male or female, your appearance and self-esteem go hand in hand.  Not liking how you look can negatively affect so many aspects of your day-to-day life.   A bad haircut or colour can leave you feeling angry, depressed, and unattractive.  You can’t rewind the clock, but you can learn ways to prevent this from happening to you again.
Here are some simple tips and guidelines to follow to help you stay clear of a regrettable ‘do.

photo by Jessmine

Take a Tour
Before you put your beautiful locks in the hands of a stranger, tour the salon.  Make sure that the standards are high.  Is it clean? How do the stylists look? If the salon is less than spotless, leave.  How can you trust your esthetic to a salon that does not even respect its own?

Take Inventory
Take note of the products offered, are they up-to-date?  Are the posters and magazines from 3 years ago?  Just like any other industry, there are advancements in hair care all the time.   If the salon is still using ’80s techniques like caps for highlights… run!

A Cold Connection
Your stylist needs to understand exactly what you want. Every appointment should start with a 10-minute consultation.  Explain yourself clearly, ask questions and make sure your stylist explains all the steps in the process clearly to you.   Don’t lose your voice and allow yourself to be rushed.  If the lines of communication are not open, do not proceed.

Trust your Gut
You are more intuitive than you know!  The last thing you want to say after a horrible haircut is “I knew this was going to happen”.  If you have a bad feeling about the appointment, be honest with your stylist about it. Tell them you are not 100% comfortable and reschedule for another day or with another stylist.

Sadly, there is no governing body to regulate salons.  Anyone can open a salon and call him or herself a Master Stylist.  This means it is up to the consumers to be honest about their experiences and share their opinions with as many people as possible, good and bad.  If you see a fabulous head of hair walking down the street, don’t be afraid to ask what salon they go to.  Most people will be flattered and happy to share their stylists’ details.

These tips may not guarantee a lifetime of bouncing out of a salon with a grin from ear to ear, but they should help to minimize the risk of leaving with tears running down your face.

Tried & Trusted East End Salons:

Flaunt Boutique
260 Carlaw Avenue #101b
Toronto, ON

Fuss Hair Studio
1093 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON


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