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NDP Wins Toronto-Danforth By-Election

Craig Scott set to continue Layton’s legacy

by Vanessa Pinto
Credit: Chris Young for The Globe and Mail

After weeks of campaigning, Craig Scott takes the seat for Member of Parliament in the Toronto-Danforth riding. It was an overwhelming win, with 59 per cent of the vote going to the New Democratic Party. Nostalgia for Jack Layton may have played a part in voters’ decisions.

Surveys prior to the election showed a definite leaning in favour of an NDP win. However, leading up to the election, some residents felt that a Liberal win was due for the riding, as it has historically flipped between the two political parties.

Olivia Chow and Mike Layton were present at Scott’s victory, where supporters were reminded that Layton’s legacy will not be forgotten.

In only a few days, on March 24, the New Democrats will be selecting the new leader of the party to channel the voice of the official opposition.

For more information on Craig Scott’s platform and his vision as Toronto-Danforth’s new MP, please check out his by-election profile here.

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