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Potted Potter

A review of the best Potter parody in town!

by Sabrina Medora

Whether you’re young or old, fan or not, every one has heard of Potted Potter — the show that promises to condense all seven Harry Potter books into 70 hilarious minutes. I’ll admit, I was very apprehensive about how I would like the show. After watching it I can say that as a die-hard Potter fan, I was shocked. As a person with a sense of humour, I was slipping out of my seat, wiping away tears of laughter.

If you’re expecting a spectacular cast of 20 or more, all ready to portray characters like Professor McGonagall and Uncle Vernon, think again. It’s two men on stage for the entire 70 minutes — two immensely talented and quirky men that run through books one through seven, keeping you in splits of laughter the whole time. Daniel (Dan) Clarkson and Jefferson (Jeff) Turner are the ultimate comic duo. With the help of the simplest props and some audience participation, they keep the entire audience wondering what they will do next. The audience even gets to play a game of Quidditch!

I particularly enjoyed the “improv”’ feel to the performance because it showed that the actors were having as much fun as the audience. It felt more personable and made it a better experience. From drinking Butterbeer to watching Voldemort sing “I Will Survive,” this parody did not disappoint. I only wish that the entire performance was available on YouTube so that we could relive the hilarity again… and again… and again.

It’s become such a sensation that it extended its six-week performance schedule to April 8th. Don’t miss out; grab your tickets now! It’s fun for the whole family and affordable with special Mirvish family packages and prices. Visit http://www.mirvish.com/shows/pottedpotter to purchase tickets.

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