Spring Fun in the Sun

Ideas to get you out and enjoying the spring weather

by Ariel Kroon

After a mild winter, spring has come full force to the Danforth and surrounding neighbourhoods. Aside from the perennial itch to clean everything, the need to be outside and enjoy the weather to the fullest is almost overwhelming. Here are some great activities for you and your friends and family to enjoy what the outdoors have to offer this season.
  1. Frisbee

This old standby is a great way to enjoy the warm spring weather and sunshine, plus the number of players is unlimited! Make sure to pick a wide open space to play in, however, especially if your Frisbee skills have gotten rusty over the winter. Try places like Withrow Park, south of the Danforth on Carlaw Avenue, or Riverdale Park, just south of Broadview Station.

  1. Picnic

This option requires a bit of effort, but for the truly dedicated, a picnic in the park leads to a huge payoff for all involved (especially if it’s a potluck!). Pick a sunny spot in one of the above-mentioned parks, or even one of the parkettes that dot the Danforth side-streets, spread out a blanket and enjoy the interlude before bug spray season.

  1. Throw a ball around

As an alternative to street hockey, this activity doesn’t require anything more than a ball. You can include baseball gloves if you want to be fancy, but they’re not necessary, especially if you’re throwing around a tennis ball or similar. You don’t need too wide of a space for this, since aiming a ball is much easier than a Frisbee.
  1. Garden tour

Take this sunny opportunity to really get to know your neighbourhood and take a walking tour of all those little side-streets you usually rush through (or avoid) on your way to work. Stop and admire the crocuses. Get jealous of the landscaping. Ooh over the fancy new front porch that went up last fall. Maybe even talk to people. It’s spring! Anything can happen!

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