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Grrrl Power!

Kate Nash Brings Her New Sound to Toronto

By Natasha Tsakiris

She’s sugar and spice, and not playing nice anymore!

No longer a hot and bothered redheaded mess, Kate Nash is electric fire, coming back full-throttle with her third album Girl Talk. The young British singer-songwriter played to a full house Friday night at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, where she revealed a new look and a new sound.

Showing a darker version of her usual bubbly, 50s pinup-girl demeanor, Nash has dropped the piano and picked up the guitar along with a tough-girl attitude, releasing her inner punk-rock chick in the vein of Courtney Love.kate nash 2

On Girl Talk, Nash is a femme fatale with a sassy attitude, high energy, and grrrl power! Gone are the days where she was the girl-next-door singing bubblegum pop and diary-like tunes of love and broken hearts. No more ballads; it’s all girl rock this time around. Nash is not apologizing for who she is and what she’s feeling; this time she’s breaking the hearts and showing there’s no messing with Kate Nash!

At one point during the set she ripped an Interscope Records (the label that dropped her) sticker off one of the amps, telling the company to “**** off.” She then began to drink shots of Jägger—her preferred choice of drink—which fans graciously brought her.

kate nash 1

Screaming into the mic and jumping around dance-party style, Nash was having fun playing with her new stage personality. Fans still wanted the old Nash, though, calling out repeatedly for “Nicest Thing” and “Foundations”, which she eventually, thankfully ended up playing, slipping back easily into her old, playfully innocent self.

Nash has come a long way, and it’s evident she’s still growing and experimenting as an artist, performer, and person, but if Girl Talk is any indication of where she’s headed, it’s definitely in the right direction.

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