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El Pipil 1 - exterior25 Years of Spectacular Style, Sales, and Smiles

By Kaavya Sivakumaran

The arrival of spring means two important things: sunshine and toasty temperatures are creeping up on us, and it’s the perfect excuse to make some fashionable additions to our warm-weather wardrobes.

“Yellow will be in during the fall season,” says Betsy Papachristou, owner of El Pipil, a chic and charming women’s boutique at Danforth and Broadview.

The Danforth became home to El Pipil when a relative of a relative of Betsy’s opened the store 25 years ago. After 18 years of owning it herself and developing a relationship with the area and its residents, she says, “we have a really good customer base in the neighbourhood, and people know us…[some of them] have been coming here for years, and we’re seeing them over different parts of their life.”

El Pipil 3 - walletsOne reason people keep coming back for more must be the fact that, as Betsy says, El Pipil is a one-stop shop, selling not only trendy, high-quality women’s clothing (including Tribal and French Dressing Jeans), but accessories, handbags, wallets, jewelry, beauty products, gifts, and home décor items as well. The front of the store showcases special items like cat-shaped coin purses and dainty tea sets that would be really difficult to find elsewhere, adding to the uniqueness and allure of the store. Although some of her products—particularly the jewelry—are made locally, Betsy keeps up to date with current trends by attending trade shows four times a year and even by investing in a product that has been introduced to her either spontaneously or through a recommendation.

El Pipil 4 - decorIt also helps that El Pipil has a manager who has worked there for 17 years and another employee who has worked there for four. Betsy and her staff know their products inside and out, and can provide knowledge to their customers that many sales associates of other retail stores may not be able to. The close-knit, family-like friendship of the staff also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can be felt upon stepping foot into the store, an atmosphere that El Pipil’s numerous loyal customers undoubtedly cannot get enough of.

So if you’re looking to start this season off with the latest fashions, unique accessories, and both tasteful and affordable jewelry, stop by El Pipil on 267 Danforth Ave.

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