5 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day in Toronto

Feeling stumped on what to do with your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Are you both sick of the traditional chocolate-flower-wine-hotel combination? This year, you’d like to break out of your rut and try something new. We’ve got you covered!

  1. Living on a tight budget? Try classing up some fast food! Take your date to their favourite fast food joint. Whether it be Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, or Burger King, your date can get whatever he or she wants. Present the inexpensive feast elegantly, placing the burgers or tacos artfully on fine plates (pouring the bubbly pop in wine glasses is a nice touch). Complete the ensemble with a romantic table setting and some mood music. And there you have it—you’ve got a cheap, yet sophisticated, Valentine’s dinner! Check out this Taco Bell date for inspiration.
  2. For you “artsy” folks, check out Art & Wine With Your Valentine at Paintlounge. They have locations in both the east and west ends of Toronto, as well as in Markham. This event comes with a freestyle paint session for you and your boo, and a couple of glasses of wine or beer to match!
  3. Are you crushed because your significant other couldn’t get Valentine’s Day off from work? The Gladstone Hotel has got your back! They have a series of Valentine’s themed events leading up to the romantic day that you and your partner can catch. There is Love, Lego, and Local Lagers on February 7, where you get to play with Lego and drink beer. There’s also Lovestruck Karaoke on February 11th where you can romantically serenade your partner in front of a crowd.
  4. Do you want to splurge this year and make it a night to remember? Go to Ripley’s Aquarium for their ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner. You and your date can enjoy a lovely three-course meal supplied by Daniel et Daniel, accompanied by a bottle of wine. Afterwards, the two of you can enjoy the exhibits at the aquarium and fall for the jellyfish.
  5. Looking for something low-key? Borrow a board game from your local library, curl up at home and enjoy a nice evening in with your special someone. If you get tired of staying inside but are still feeling competitive, head out to Snakes and Lattes for a more social game night.

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