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Toronto Light Fest

It’s February; winter is well upon us and you’re more likely to cancel plans with friends. A night in with a cup of hot chocolate and a book sounds so, so good. You’d much rather appreciate the beauty of the snow looking out your bedroom window. But even if you’re given in to wintry introversion, every once in a while you get antsy, and tire of the confines of your home. Toronto may be one of the more expensive cities of the world, but there’s a surprisingly wide variety of things to do without having to spend a loonie.

Toronto Light Fest has transformed the Distillery District into a sprawling open-air gallery, lighting the night with works from light artists from across the world. Light art is a relatively new concept, but is already gaining popularity and love from Torontonians. When a group of us from the publishing program swung by on Saturday, we were enthralled. These were some of our favourite installations.

Run Beyond

Beautifully done by light artist Angelo Bonello from Italy, this piece of art is an expression of the artist encouraging us to think about the jump to freedom. The piece is filled with excitement, struggle, strategy, and ultimately euphoria. It aptly depicts that the path to freedom is never easy.

Bands of friendship

Featuring Bands of Friendship, a light art piece all the way from India. Artists Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar believe that their work represents the changing perspectives of friendship. This piece demonstrates friendship as a spiralling kaleidoscope of love, laughter, and conflict. It is deftly depicted by the different colours of the bands.

Our House


This excellent light art is the work of Belgian Artist Tom Dekyvere. Meant to symbolize the relationship between nature and tech, the piece is evocative and powerful. It’s installed at the entrance of the Distillery District and sets the stage for a night of light and warmth even on a cold Toronto night.

Riding my pony

This is an interactive installation; as you peddle, the projection at the back makes it look like you’re riding a horse. This one was most popular with kids, and is a good stop when it gets too cold to look at the other pieces that are on display outside.

The Angels of Freedom, Digital Origami Tigers, and My Light is Your Light were some of the other ones that people flocked to! So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Lights Festival to enjoy a night filled with light and wonder, one that you’ll always remember.

On until March 12, 2017.

Photos provided by Nicholas Sun and Mikayla Castello

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