In the Pursuit of Board Games: An Adventure on the Danforth

Photography by Brianna Benton

It was a long week of classes. The first thing the three of us all wanted to do was go home and slump into our beds. We had planned a board game night in advance, none of us anticipating how tired we would become the end of the long Thursday. I could not shake the siren’s call of board games, though. The Danforth has a wealth of local businesses, and once I found out there was a board game bar in the area, I was relentless in my pursuit to check it out. The goal of our quest: Time Capsule Board Games Cafe & Bar.

Alas! Our journey was even more exhausting than our day. Some unexpected troubles befell the TTC and the trains were backed up. The platforms were swarming with throngs of commuters, eager to get home. After cramming ourselves into the train and getting rather familiar with the other train goers we finally got to our destination.

Having arrived, upon the door step of Time Capsule, we unfortunate adventurers were turned away. We failed to make a reservation, and the popular bar was hosting a “paint night” where patrons are guided through the process of painting a picture with the help of an awesome artist. Although disappointed, we were happy to know that the bar was popular among the locals.

Foiled! What was to become of our quest? Tired and dreading the swarming horde that was the TTC subway during rush hour, we reluctantly began our journey back. But lo! What was this? Brave Nick, of our party, noticed something on the windows above a Pizza Pizza on the corner of Danforth and Woodbine. It was a sword and shield painted on the glass. Below it was the name: Face to Face Games. Behold! Our quest was not over yet.

We ventured upstairs. Inside we found a cozy little hobby shop. Tables arrayed with patrons both young and old playing card games (Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon were the popular games this night), display cases holding yet more cards, and shelves upon shelves of board games. Aha! Our night has been salvaged.

We nestled into a table and, after some perusing, plucked a copy of Sushi Go! off a dinky little shelf. Famished, I ordered the “Double Bacon Behemoth Club” from the store’s kitchen, and a behemoth it was! Face to Face Games is a hobby store and cafe all rolled into one. After a couple of games of frantic sushi grabbing (I won the first, and Nick narrowly beat me out by one point during the second), we decided to browse for a bit then grab coffees on our way out.

But of course, what quest would it be without plunder? Before leaving I picked up some miniatures for Pathfinder (a close cousin to Dungeons & Dragons) at a bargain price. Face to Face’s prices were a lot better than those back in my home city of Hamilton. All in all, our quest was a success. For the board game adventurer, Face to Face Games is a great place to visit after a long day.

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