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New Kids on The Block

After a long and grueling winter, the “under construction” poster outside of 243 Danforth Avenue was finally taken down. In its place now stands the vibrant red sign for Vixen Salon and Spa, a customer experience-oriented haven.

I’m greeted by Karen, the lovely founder and owner of the Vixen Salon and Spa chain. Vixen’s origin story is a lovely example of making the luxurious attainable by the masses. Karen regarded the Vixen experience as “high-end, yet surprisingly affordable.” As I walked around the salon for myself, I noticed that the pedicure chairs had curtains that could be closed for the ultimate solo spa experience. The Vixen Franchise is also liquor-licensed, with each and every beautician also smart-serve certified. That’s right, they serve liquor in heaven (well, at least wine).

Vixen has numerous spas throughout Toronto, but I wanted to know why Karen and her husband had chosen our Danforth for this particular location. Greektown is becoming a lot more diverse. Surrounding Vixen Spa is Il Fornello and Pizzeria Libretto to the East, and Factory Hall and the Danforth Music Hall to the West. People flock from all over Toronto to these locations, and as Karen stated, “Vixen is right in the middle of it, and we want to be a part of it.”

“It’s what women want,” Karen explained as she pointed to the flat screen TV monitors in every single waxing and facial room, “it’s the ‘Vixen experience’.” Vixen is sure to be a staple in your spa repertoire in the weeks to come. Bring the special lady in your life down for a Mother’s Day treat with Vixen’s tribute sale!

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