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Have Your High and Eat it Too

Last month, Canadians were able to legally purchase edibles at their local cannabis dispensary. We’ve all heard, or experienced, pot brownie horror stories – I witnessed a friend gasping for breath because he thought he was the couch and couches don’t breathe – but edibles are a viable alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. 

Edibles are products infused with cannabis extracts or concentrates that contain active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients. These products include beverages, gummy candies, dissolvable strips, baked goods, and even butter.

What happens if I take edibles?

While cannabis was legalised in October 2018, edibles were not until the following year and were not available for purchase until January 2020. This gave Health Canada sufficient time to review and approve products that will be sold at Ontario Cannabis Stores here in the province.

If you’ve never consumed edibles before, it’s most important to start with a very low dose and go slowly in your consumption. Edibles are much more potent than anything you’re smoking and will likely affect you for a much longer time. This also means effects could take even longer to kick in – up to four hours. So if you’re not feeling immediate effects, do not take more! 

You’re going to want to take the time to understand how you’ll react and ensure you’re in a safe space in case of any adverse effects, such as anxiety or panic, dizziness or fainting, an increased heart rate, and paranoia. 

Because you’re consuming the drug, you’re often able to have more control over the effects than with smoking or vaping. If you’re mindful of your circumstances and in a comfortable environment, consuming edibles can allow you an extremely pleasurable, rounded experience.

Where can I buy on the Danforth?

In December 2019, Toronto’s sixth legal dispensary, CANVAS, opened at 730 Danforth Ave. CANVAS, the first woman-owned outlet in the city, advertises itself as warm and welcoming for their varied clientele. They offer concentrates and edibles to help you achieve that enjoyable event you’re looking for. 
Want more information about cannabis on the Danforth? Check out “It Actually Happened and It’s Not a Big Deal” from May 2019.

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