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Android vs. Apple: Let’s Debate

For many of us, the battle between Apple and Android smartphones has been an ongoing argument. For some, there has never been a question between the two. In the golden age of social media and communication, which of these two big-hitters in the tech-world is truly the favourite?

First off, Apple has been a leading contender in the smartphone community since 2007, when they announced their first smartphone, the iPhone 1. Since the iPhone 1, Apple has produced over 17 different iPhone models with new versions coming out at least once a year. At its peak, the Global Apple iPhone Sales reached 78 million units worldwide ( The reason for this mass popularity, is due to the iPhone’s ability to act as a cell phone, gaming portal, computer, portable media player, camera/video camera, social media console, as well as the iPhone’s ability to link to other Apple products seamlessly (MacBook and Apple TV).

But Android also has similar abilities to Apple products. Beginning their romp into the smartphone world, Android released the HTC Dream in 2008. Since then, Android has released over 116 different types of smartphones, including the Huawei P30 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. All of these smartphones have the ability to be just as useful as an Apple product in its ability to be a phone, gaming system, camera, etc. But what makes these products different is their screen size, photo quality, and integration of multiple programs across various softwares.

An Android user of over 5 years states: “Apple products are expensive, and I am used to Android. Apple makes it hard to integrate programs like backups or different file types. With Apple, it’s their way or the highway.” In all fairness, that is true. Apple uses their own specific apps and programs that are unique to their system types and that makes it harder to use any other operating system. Whereas Android encompasses a broader range of apps and programs since it is an open platform device that is not specific to certain programming. But does this mean that Android is the most user-friendly smartphone on the market? Even more than Apple is?

But, an Apple user of over 10 years stated: “I use Apple because it is simple and straightforward. All of my calendars, contacts, pictures, music, and passwords are automatically all saved and linked to all of my Apple devices which makes it easy for me to stay organized.” It is terribly convenient to have all of your devices linked so that all of your information is easy to access and saved on multiple devices. Whereas, Android does not allow for this kind of easy, automatic sync between devices.

But the question still stands: why are there still those that prefer one over the other? Because of the user’s preference and desired outcome for their device. Android and Apple are two distinct operating systems that are designed to satisfy different users’ needs. Apple lets users have organization and security, Android allows for flexibility and adaptability. Therefore, the reason they are always at odds with one another is because they achieve very different things for different users’ needs. That being said, maybe the phones aren’t the thing that is very different, but the people that choose to use them.

What do you think? Comment on your favourite type of smartphone below!

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