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    5 Great Reads for Black History Month

    February is none other than Black History Month! It’s a month of celebrating the achievements of black people, having their stories recognized and told. Some of you may ask: What is one thing I can do to show my support? Reading! Encouraging and supporting black authors will promote cultural differences and ensure that everyone’s voice, experience, and stories are given the chance to be heard and loved. So, without further ado, here is a list of five books you can read this Black History month to show your support for diversity in reading and writing. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas HarperCollins The Hate U Give is eliciting so…

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    Black History Month in Toronto

    Black History Month is a celebration of blackness, and an acknowledgement of the histories that have informed, fed, and nourished Canada. With each February comes a crop of new events throughout Toronto. They are all focused on black artist and thinkers whose work, individually, contains a profound vibrancy, and a multifaceted-ness that continues to provide depth to the legacy of Black Canadians. While Black History Month is an exciting time, with an abundance of exciting events and carefully curated, distinctly Canadian, and wonderfully unfurling launches of fantastic books and palpating festivals, the wealth of opportunities can make for some difficult decisions and unfortunate omissions. So, while your Facebook feeds begin…