Art of the Danforth

Art of the Danforth, www.artofthedanforth.comRevitalizing the community with an art walk

By Katie McHale




Art of the Danforth is an art walk planned for April 23-May 2. One objective of the event is to “pretty up the community” by displaying art around the neighbourhoods of the Danforth, including Danforth Avenue between Greenwood and Woodbine, and Jones and Main. Another goal is to get different members of the community involved in the event. Existing work might be displayed, along with approved ideas for work created specifically for Art of the Danforth. The art might be displayed in empty storefront windows, on walls of existing stores, in parkettes, or in existing art studios in the neighbourhood. As it is a pilot project, organizer Cindy Rozeboom says those involved in the event are open to any and all ideas.

“It’s a lot of work,” she says about organizing the event. “There’s a lot of momentum. It just feels really overripe. The community is really ready for it.”



            Rozeboom, a fundraiser/resource developer who loves community art, first thought of the idea after she’d moved into the Danforth area. “I realized once I started talking to people that I wasn’t the only person who’d come up with this idea. I think I just put a voice to it.”

            “There’s an incredible number of artists in this neighbourhood,” Rozeboom continues. “Everyone we’ve talked to about this project says, ‘Wow! We don’t know why this hasn’t happened yet in this neighbourhood.’”



            Along with the volunteers, nine partnerships were formed with local community associations, groups, and businesses, each contributing something different.  The Danforth East Community Association  is helping promote the project through its communications network, and is working with the organizers to help secure funding.

            “We hope Art of the Danforth will encourage people from across the city to take a walk through our neighbourhood and discover that [it] is filled with artists, amazing community spirit, and some fabulous restaurants and shops,” Natasha Granatstein, chair of DECA, explains.

            Check out the latest issue of On the Danforth for more.

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