The Joy of Caffé Demetre!

Waffles, Ice Cream, and Cake, Oh My! Dieters beware: this place is for special occasions only.

By Andrea D’Amico

Photograph by Andrea Del Medico

A dessert only restaurant is rare. The concept is delightful: sit down with friends to enjoy crêpes, waffles, ice cream, and hot drinks in massive proportions. Not only is it a dieter’s worst nightmare, thanks to their generous portions, but Caffé Demetre could make you nauseous if you ignore the pains coming from your stomach.



Low Calorie Menu?

I went into Caffé Demetre to find out if anything on their menu was condidered low calorie. What I found was that they had a few low calorie items on the menu a few years ago, but they represented a small percent of what people ordered. It is safe to say that the people who come here are willing to indulge and let go of their diets for one night.  


Any Suggestions?

The Caffé Demetre offers suggestions for people that are adamant about sticking to their will power. Some of these options include using skim milk in their cappuccinos instead of cream and skipping the real whipped cream on dessert items. But the easiest way to avoid half the fat is to share an item with a friend. The portion sizes are large, so it does not feel like you are eating less. For those who are really counting their calories, it is best to eat small snacks throughout the day to save calories. If Caffé Demetre is not the place for you, try these other Danforth restaurants. The indulgence will be well worth it.

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