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Danforth Avenue’s FRESH Floral Creations

By Sarah Blagdon

Nothing is better than escaping winter by dashing into the doors of a local florist, with its warm temperatures and surrounding reminders of spring. Case in point: walking into Danforth Avenue’s FRESH Floral Creations, it’s hard not to be amazed by the modern and sophisticated collection of flower accessories, and more importantly, by the glassed in green house that encamps half of the store.

Don’t let their small store front, (at 333 Danforth Avenue, between Chester and Broadview) fool you. There are many unique arrangements and gifts available for every season and occasion.  My personal favourite, their FRESH at home collection, sure to make you the envy of all your friends.

flowers6Regardless of time of year, FRESH provides its patrons with an ideal way to improve their lives in a small yet effective manner. In addition to the health benefits of keeping flowers in the home, they decrease stress and encouraging feelings of well being,  they also provide visual appeal to the landscape of our homes and offices, as well as an appealing aroma.

FRESH is a magical place on the Danforth, providing neighbourhood residents, and visitors to the area, with a chance to explore and relish the world of flowers. Be sure to look in their storefront window next time you pass by for their next awe inspiring display.



The War of the Roses:

Ever wonder the meaning behind the colour of the roses that you send?

Red: Symbolize love, passion and romantic relationships. (Best for lovers)

Pink: Say “Thank you,” or “I’m thinking of you”. (Perfect for just about anyone)

White: Symbolize purity and true love. (Perfect for a fiancé or a spouse)

Yellow: Symbolize friendship. (Perfect for anyone: co-worker, friend, or parent)

Orange: Symbolize excitement or something new. (Great for a friend embarking on a new path in life)

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