Best Beers

The top three places on the Danforth to taste some new beers
By Andrew Gordon

If you’re tired of getting the same beer every time you go out for a drink, check out these Danforth bars — they’ve got a better selection than your local LCBO and atmosphere to boot.


3. The Auld Spot

Though the food is Irish in theme, the beer is international. From the quirky local St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout to the imported Czech Pilsner Urquell, The Auld Spot has its bases covered. So if you’re in the mood for some freshly shucked oysters and a wide variety of beer to choose from, this homey pub is your best bet.

2. The Only Café

With 16 beers on tap, 15 of which rotate seasonally (one spot is perennially dedicated to Guinness) The Only Café is an excellent place to check in on at least a few times a year. That’s not the best part, though; The Only Café runs a monthly event called Beer Exploration 101. For the low price of $25, guests get to enjoy an educational and delicious experience.

1. Allen’s Restaurant

Without a doubt, Allen’s has the best beer list on the Danforth, and one of the best in the whole city. The selection includes more than 100 different beers, many of which you’re guaranteed to have never heard of before. If you’re antsy about trying something new, tell your server what kind of beer you usually drink and ask for a recommendation — you won’t be disappointed.

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