How To Make It As A Musician In Toronto

Not every performer will have international fame, a large fortune, and screaming fans, but becoming a musician can be a viable career if you truly love music.

Being passionate about performing helps Andrew Fetterley and Lori Nuic overcome the difficulties abounding the music industry.  With digital file sharing and online piracy, even Toronto’s live music scene shows a decrease in audience-interest.

Getting enough gigs to pay the bills can be difficult, but nothing will stop these two local musicians from keeping music at the centre of their lives… That is why Andrew and Lori became “The Late Show”.

A Duo is Born

The Toronto music scene is a fairly close-knit group and many performers occasionally work together, sharing their talents and expertise. Andrew and Lori met during a writing session with indie singer Daphne Darling, and the pair decided to team up in order to make extra money by playing cover songs in bars and cafes while furthering their individual musical careers.

Andrew’s Aspirations

Turning his passion into the perfect profession, Andrew not only performs as The Late Show, but also plays his original work at Toronto events like the Taste of the Danforth and Waterfront Blues Festival.

Best of all, Andrew started 7 South Productions, a company that provides private music lessons for aspiring musicians and a small studio in which established artists can record their music.

Lately, Andrew is interested in creating music for television and film soundtracks; a path he believes is filled with opportunities.

The Lowdown on Lori

Lori’s musical inclination is not quite as business-oriented as Andrew’s; she chose to focus solely on being a performer.

Like most up-and-coming musicians, Lori started performing at open mic nights and live music venues which allowed her to gain experience and make contacts.

It wasn’t long before Lori was winning The Honey Jam music showcase and Rhythm of the Future Talent Search, making her name known among those in the music industry.

It was at such an event that Lori met one of Toronto’s own artist/producers, Saukrates, who helped co-write a few songs for Lori’s debut CD Red Book Chronicles. Lori also sings with a five-piece funk band and a big-band jazz artist, all while recording her next album.


Get ‘em to the Danforth

The Late Show often performs around Toronto at venues like Honey’s Beestro or Cam’s Place, but the duo rarely takes the stage on the Danforth. Instead of asking Andrew and Lori why they never perform here, ask your favourite hangout to give them a shot or hire them for your next party!

How To Be A Rockstar

Andrew and Lori perform worldwide and here’s what they say you can do to get started in the music bizz.

1. Listen – Not just to your favourite genre, but to all types of music as every style has something you can learn from and appreciate.

2. Learn – Take a class to learn how to play the instrument of your choice or vocals to improve your singing ability.

3. Watch – Attend places hosting live music nights, and pay attention to how the performer plays the crowd.

4. Perform – Go to open mic nights as it’s one of the best ways to get experience and get your name out there.

5. Network – Live music nights and open mic nights are a great opportunity to make connections. Also, having an agent will help tremendously.


Photography thanks to Caroline Verbridge.

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