Get Me to the Greek Bakery – Review of Athens Pastries Pies

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Greek pastries in Toronto, then look no further: Athens Pastries Pies, set in the heart of Greektown, supplies traditional Greek dishes to residents and visitors of the Danforth and surrounding neighbourhoods. As long-time staff member Nina Koumarianos says, “Come enjoy food from Greek culture.”

The Atmosphere

Although narrow in dimension like almost every other bakery, certain aspects of Athens Pastries Pies set it apart. For instance, it provides both indoor and outdoor seating, and its open counter space allows customers to watch as staff members prepare their pastries right before their eyes.

The distinguishing Mediterranean décor that graces the walls and ceiling suits the establishment perfectly in its simple but elegant designs of vibrant blues, greens, browns, oranges, and reds; it all flows together, creating a very soothing environment. Lively Mediterranean music plays softly in the background, discernable but not overwhelming, which allows for easy conversation if you’re dining with friends or a peaceful respite if dining alone.

While Athens Pastries Pies has a mostly Greek clientele, it nonetheless seems like a popular place for couples, families, and students of all kinds to come and unwind for a while. Staff members always provide fast, friendly, and informative service, making the customer feel welcome for however long they want to stay.

The Menu

While the menu at Athens Pastries Pies is limited to only a few items, it encompasses some of the most popular and traditional Greek foods.

Their Entrées include their well-known spinach, cheese, and meat pies decently priced at $3.20 each and a cheese pocket – precisely what it sounds like – for $2.65. The pies are the perfect combination of warm, flakey pastry and moist, flavourful filling.

For dessert, you can try the custard pie at $3.20 a slice or their most popular item, honey dough balls, which sell at $3.00 a dozen. Dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, these spongy doughnut-like pastries are simply scrumptious – not to mention a popular choice at Taste of the Danforth. The bakery’s signature phyllo pastry dough is available for customers to buy, and Nina proudly maintains that “our products are made every hour, so they’re always guaranteed fresh.”

Athens Pastries Pies also offers a variety of different coffees, making it a distinctive combination of bakery and café. If you’re not into coffee, then the menu also includes soft drinks, hot chocolate, beer, and wine.

The Details

Athens Pastries Pies is located at 509 Danforth Avenue, where TTC commuters have easy access to nearby subway stations at both Chester and Pape Avenues while drivers can simply park out front. Customers are welcome to dine in or get their Greek to go, but payment is cash only. Doors open from 9 am to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and from 9 am to midnight Friday through Saturday.

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