How to Host the Perfect Backyard Barbeque

As backyard barbeque season approaches, set yourself apart from the rest by hosting a gathering with one of these unique barbeque ideas.

Everything on Sticks

The name is self-explanatory: all of the food you serve will be on sticks. This is a fun and easy theme idea, especially if you are hosting a very low-key gathering. There is no need to set a dress code, but you can get creative with your menu. For appetizers, serve vegetables or fruit on skewers. For the dinner you can serve various types of shish kebobs or souvlaki, such as chicken, seafood, pork, or lamb. Try Astoria Shish Kebob House or Messini Authentic Gyros. If you want to get even more inventive, add sushi to your menu and try Casa Sushi. Although it isn’t served on skewers, most people eat it with another stick option: the chopstick.

Around the World

The best way to host this gathering is to have a potluck. Assign your guests a country or geographical region in the world, and have them bring a dish from that culture. This theme ensures that your menu will have unique flavours and that the food will be the main focus of the gathering. The Danforth area has some diverse restaurants that will help you stick to this theme. For some Mediterranean dishes try Il Fornello, while some South Asian places to try are Basil Thai Kitchen and Danforth Dragon. There are also some delicious African restaurants such as Djerba la Douce and Dukem.

Hawaiian Luau

What better way to have an outdoor barbeque than to channel the laid-back style of Hawaii? To host a Hawaiian Luau all you need are some tropical decorations. Visit Its My Party on Danforth Ave to get some colourful tablecloths, silk lei, tiki torches, and grass skirts. For your menu think outside the hamburger bun and try Huli Huli Chicken, an authentic Hawaiian dish that is perfect for the grill. Then serve up some delicious Hawaiian cocktails, like a Hawaiian Margarita, and finish with a Hawaiian coconut pudding dessert like Haupia.

There are numerous fun and creative themes you can choose from when planning a backyard barbeque. No matter what your theme, make sure that it is unique. The more original your idea, the more likely it is that the gathering will leave an impression.

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