Keep Sweating, Frosty

5 Ideas to keep you active during the cold month

by Lindsay Ulrich

It’s chilly out there!  We Canadians know that winters can be ruthless, and as the weather grows colder it’s easy to want to curl up and lounge on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate or bowl of soup.  The transition between seasons can be tough to bear, but it’s important to stay active this winter in order to avoid falling into a sedentary sinkhole.  Though skiing and snowboarding are great winter sports, they aren’t always practical for someone looking for consistent exercise.  Here are some accessible options to try.


Try something different – Try replacing a part of your routine with something simple at first.  Walk to the store instead of drive, or try winter biking instead of using public transport.  You never know, you might end up liking the change.  Or try something really different, like using your free time to take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, like ice sculpting, tango lessons, martial arts, or archery.

Join a gym or league – Winter is the perfect time to buy a gym membership, or participate in an indoor sport or league you’ve been interested in.  While it’s cold outside, you can be working up a sweat inside with spinning, yoga, pilates, playing hockey, or kickboxing.

Lace up – Whether you prefer shinny or figure skating, the city has you covered. Toronto has over 90 free public skating rinks, and the city updates its page daily regarding the status of their rinks. Outdoor rink info can be found here ( and indoor rink info can be found here (  Be sure to check online for indoor rink hours and allotted rink activity schedules.

Boot up – There’s nothing like the magic of a winter walk.  Whether solitary, or accompanied by your friends or loved ones, a winter hike can refresh your spirits and inspire appreciation for the beauty of the season.  Grab a sturdy pair of boots and get outside!  Get some fresh hiking ideas at, ( or check out the Toronto Outdoor Club. (

Suit up – Change into a snowsuit and be a kid again — go tobogganing, make snow angels, or build a snow fort. Relive the snow-loving days of your youth and make a mess in that fluffy white stuff we too often love to hate.

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