Amy Postma

Health & Wellness Editor

She will tell you the most effective way to exercise, how to get rid of those winter blues, and all the reasons to be poked with needles. Meet Amy Postma, Health and Wellness editor all the way from Burlington, Ontario. For this writing machine, having a finished product that she is proud of is the best part of her job.

Introducing Amy…

On The Danforth: Describe your perfect day.
Amy Postma: My perfect day starts with having coffee on the deck at my cottage with my family laughing about how much fun we had the day and night before.

OTD: If you were invisible where would you go?
AP: If I were invisible, I would go find cure for invisibility because the thought of no one seeing me freaks me out.

OTD: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what two things would you bring with you?
AP: I would bring some beer and a boat.

OTD: What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
AP: If I could choose my own name it would be… let’s go with Donna. It’s an inside joke.

OTD: What is your favourite sound?
AP: My favourite sound changes depending on the season. In fall, it’s the crunch of the leaves; in winter, it’s the sound the snow makes when I snow-wash my sister while we are snowboarding; in the spring, it is the crack of the bat once baseball season starts; and in the summer, it’s the sound of waves and the bullfrogs I hear while sleeping outside at the cottage.

Where can you expect to see Amy in the future?

“I will be grateful for any job within the publishing industry, but it would be a dream to be able to work with creative design.”

Find Amy here:

Twitter: @amy_postma


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