Stacey Philipp

Managing Editor

She edits, she fact-checks, and she constantly bombards all the writers with emails. Stacey Philipp is On The Danforth’s online managing editor. “My favourite part of the job is bossing everyone around—just kidding! I love hearing about all the great ideas everyone has and seeing the ideas actually turn into something.”

Here’s Stacey…

On The Danforth: What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on someone?
Stacey Philipp: I love playing pranks! This is the perfect question! I think the best prank I ever played on anyone was when I was living in London and had the most annoying neighbours in the entire world. My roommate and I decided to ruffle their feathers a little bit so we made a fake eviction notice and put it on their front door. Of course, our landlord was very suspicious of us but could never prove a thing!

OTD: What’s your sign? Do you believe in horoscopes, and why or why not?
SP: I am a Leo. I usually read my horoscope everyday while commuting to school, and to be honest, it always seems to fit my life exactly! However, I also read all the other horoscopes and they also seem to fit. I don’t really take it too seriously, but I think that they can be fun.

OTD: Do you prefer to wear heels or flats?
SP: Being a tad on the short side, I should be saying heels. However, I much prefer flats. Whenever I wear heels, I just find myself teetering around and end up with very sore feet.

OTD: What’s your stance on global warming?
SP: I think it is a very important issue that is not being taken seriously enough by the general public. Most people are just happy to have warm weather in December, but I would much prefer snow and not have the arctic melting and leaving the polar bears homeless.

OTD: Who is your favourite artist?
SP: Taylor Swift. Hands down.

What does Stacey plan on doing after On the Danforth online?

“I want to work at Scholastic. There is nothing I don’t like about children’s publishing.”

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