The Confidence Factor

Heighten your confidence with a makeover on the Danforth

by Kaylynn Gaspar

Confidence plays a large role in a person’s overall level of self-esteem, so it is important to find quick and effective ways to spoil yourself in the convenience of your neighbourhood. You may be surprised at how these few simple aesthetic improvements can alter your overall look from head to toe. When you start to notice that your confidence is lacking due to self-neglect, the most important thing to remember is that you need to break the cycle and start spoiling yourself. I decided to spoil myself by going in for a reasonably-priced makeover on the Danforth!

For my makeover, I decided on the top-down approach: beginning with a complete hair transformation and ending with a quality pedicure. The places that I chose were very carefully selected because of their highly experienced staff members. For those of you who aren’t as adventurous about your looks, it’s reassuring to be under an experienced hand.

Start With Your Hair

Many women believe that attaining flowing hair is a great way to boost their self-esteem. It takes a good haircut to achieve a “wash-and-go” style that works with and without spending too much time in the mornings. For my hair transformation, I really wanted to keep my long hair, but just add shape and a fringe to keep it out of my face. With these visions in mind, I went to Salon Elias.

I had researched the location ahead of time and knew that Salon Elias’ stylists were very credible due to their close affiliations with TONI&GUY (the internationally recognized icon in hairstyling). I knew that Salon Elias could deliver a great haircut, at a price that I could accept as being reasonable (being formerly considered as having extra-long hair, I have to be wary of salons that will charge me extensively for a haircut). I booked an appointment with stylist George Vlahos, former Art Director at TONI&GUY in Toronto ( Vlahos was extremely professional with his work, and I absolutely love the haircut he gave me. He complimented my features in relation to how he was cutting my hair, which made me feel confident that I would be happy with the result.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that somebody leaves your chair very happy, and they are a lot more confident than they were when they walked in,” Vlahos passionately states. “It totally completes your look.”

Pamper Your Feet

If there is one thing that makes me feel absolutely confident, it is when my feet are perfectly polished and smooth.  I chose Tina’s Pro Salon & Spa for my pedicure, and the customer service was exceptionally friendly. I had the chance to talk with a highly skilled employee named An (chinese name Yen). In the winter time, An gets tied up with appointments because many people get pedicures to maintain the health of their feet.

“In the winter you’re always wearing socks, which could lead to fungus,” warns An. “You walk every day, and pedicures are a nice way to relax.”

I also had a lower-leg massage included as a part of the pedicure, which lasted about ten minutes. After having gone several months without a pedicure, I was reminded of how important it is to get them done. Having this pedicure certainly served to boost my self-confidence, especially alongside my new haircut.

With my exceptionally soft hair and soft feet, I truly felt like my makeover on the Danforth helped to boost my overall confidence. Even if only temporary, it was still worth it! A head-to-toe makeover is a must for anyone who is suffering from a case of self-neglect. Always remember when you feel listless and low to take action and break the cycle! Your pretty hair and feet will thank you.

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