Yoga: Why Not Just Try It?

An overview of Passport to Prana, a yoga initiative that allows you flexible access to a variety of yoga studios in your city

by Amy Postma

If you are looking to try yoga for the first time, hoping to brush up on your technique for your at-home workout, or looking for flexibility without making commitments, consider getting a Passport to Prana (PTP). This pass, available for specific cities (including Toronto), entitles the holder to one yoga class at any participating studio, allowing the chance to explore different kinds of yoga settings and styles. You may already be a member at a particular studio, but it does not mean you cannot purchase the pass and explore other options as well.

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East York is home to two studios that accept the PTP pass: The Yoga Sanctuary and Moksha Yoga, both located on Danforth Avenue. In particular, The Yoga Sanctuary welcomes passport holders eagerly, seeing its value to yoga enthusiasts for development in their yoga practice with studio and class flexibility. Since the program’s inception early this year, The Yoga Sanctuary has had close to 600 passport users taking advantage of its benefits at their four locations. Rachel Gorman, manager of the Danforth location, explains it is a great way for a new student to try out a studio without breaking the bank. “I think that it can sometimes feel daunting to check out new studio spaces or search for them on the web, but PTP makes that all very accessible and welcoming,” she says. The pass has brought many new faces to The Yoga Sanctuary while also benefiting some of their regular students, who have taken advantage of trying out new studios and yoga styles.

Some studios have the pass available for purchase on-location for $30, otherwise you can go directly to PTP’s website to purchase the pass online for the same price−plus shipping fees and have it delivered to your home. While the pass is restrictive—it can only be used once a year per studio in Toronto—you may hold passes for other participating cities. In addition, each year you may purchase a new pass, whether you have had one before or not.

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  • Kevin & Victoria

    We can definitely recommend the Yoga Passport and we’re looking to introduce it at our studio on the next rotation. So that’ll be 3 great yoga studios you can try on the Danforth :o)

    BOMB Wellness Team

  • Nicola

    This is great – I had no idea such a thing existed. I’ve been looking to do exactly this for a while but didn’t know how to get around the huge expense…thanks!

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