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Fatal Shooting Near Danforth and Coxwell

Scissor-wielding man shot by police

by Vanessa Pinto

Update: February 9, 2012: The 29-year-old man’s name, Michael Eligon, has been released. The province’s Special Investigations Unit is still investigating, and could lay criminal charges against the officer, who fired three shots.


A 29-year-old man was shot and killed by a police officer near Coxwell Ave. and Danforth Ave. on Friday morning. A vigil was held for the man on Friday night.

The man was seen brandishing two pairs of scissors — one in each hand — and was wearing a hospital gown. The man appeared to have come out of East General Hospital.

The police were called following a stabbing at a nearby convenience store at the corner of Sammon Ave. and Woodington Ave. He was later found near a home on Milverton Blvd., banging on the back door of one of the residents.

Questions that have arisen from the incident involve whether or not the man had mental health issues, and what were the circumstances that led to the police officer delivering a fatal shot.

The province’s Special Investigations Unit is investigating the issue. At this point in the investigation, neither the man’s name, nor the officer’s name have been released to the public.

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