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Toronto-Danforth By-Election Approaches

With the by-election to elect a new Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth nearing, which candidate should you choose?

by Vanessa Pinto
Keep an eye out for the ‘Vote Here’ Elections Canada arrows that lead you through your local polling stations. Credit: Sameer Vasta

It has been roughly six months since Jack Layton’s passing, and the Toronto-Danforth riding is in need of a new Member of Parliament. According to bylaw, the Government of Canada has six months to call a by-election. After some date-shifting, the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper selected March 19 as the official by-election date. Advance polls are in progress, which began on March 9 and will conclude March 12.

With a last minute flurry of candidates, there are currently eight political parties and three independent candidates on the ballot. On the Danforth contacted a few of the more renowned party candidates to share their views on politics, their vision for the riding, and their thoughts towards the late Jack Layton.

New Democratic Party: Craig Scott
Liberal Party: Grant Gordon
Green Party: Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu
Libertarian Party: John Recker
Canadian Action Party: Christopher Porter
Conservative Party: Andrew Keyes (has not yet responded)

For more information on advance polling and local polling stations, visit Elections Canada.

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