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Danforth’s Treasure Trove

The Perfect Toy Store for Parents and Kids!

By Amanda Kirsten Grant

Even amongst all the unique and spectacular stores located along the Danforth, Treasure Island Toys is one of the easiest to spot. With its brightly painted storefront and large window displays, it’s not hard to see why parents and children are drawn inside.

Treasure Island Toys has been offering a place for children to play and parents to shop since 1988. The store has a wide selection of toys and games for all ages. But this isn’t your typical toy store.  Children are encouraged to play with the merchandise and participate in activities at stations located around the store—even a pirate ship!

Store owners Katie and Lori explain their community-based philosphy: “we live in the neighbourhood and Treasure Island Toys was already on the Danforth, so when we found out the previous owner wanted to retire we purchased the store.” Because they are local, they know the importance of shopping within the community. They buy locally made toys like Anouk’s Ark, an eco-friendly memory card game that focuses on endangered species.

treasure infoParents can find the always popular and timeless toys. “Lego and Playmobil still remain classic sellers, as well as dolls”, says owner Katie. “Some of the most popular toys right now include Magformers, which are a magnetic construction toy.” Treasure Island Toys also offers a wide variety of eco-friendly options so parents can feel good knowing they are contributing to the community and giving their children earth-friendly toys and games.

Treasure Island Toys believe in providing safe, educational, and most importantly, fun toys.  Because both Lori and Katie are mothers themselves, parents can trust that they will find the best toys and games.  Proving that they are a store with personality, Treasure Island Toys offers story-time twice a week and other activities, such as crafting. Treasure Island Toys offers a wonderful alternative to the big name chain, where there is less focus on customer service. Treasure Island Toys makes the effort to build relationships with their customers and the community.

Above all, what makes Treasure Island Toys so different from the typical toy store is its dedication to the community. It is more than just a toy store. It offers a place for parents and kids alike to have fun and enjoy themselves. It is an experience, rather than just a shopping trip. There’s always something exciting happening in Treasure Island Toys. “We are always having some sort of event in the store.  It may be as simple as [having] building-toys out to play with, crafts every day during March break, or ‘Talk like a Pirate Day.’  We like to have something going on every week,” adds Katie.

Treasure Island Toys is also a proud partner of Kid and Company, a national daycare company that helps to “give their customers an added benefit with the convenience of online toy shopping”, says Katie.

You can visit Treasure Island Toys at their store on the Danforth (near Pape Station), or visit them online treasureislandtoys.ca

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*Treasure Island store offers free gift wrapping.

*Story Time is offered Thursdays at 10:30 am and Sundays at 2:00pm

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