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The Perfect Place to Party

Event Planning with It’s My Party

By Amanda Kirsten Grant

You can tell from the amazing window displays that Danforth party-supplies store It’s My Party offers a range of products to meet your event needs. Whether you’re throwing a kids birthday party or a corporate gathering, It’s My Party offers thousands of products to help you achieve the look you want.

Owner Stephane Abbat has been providing customers with party supplies for decades. “We’ve been open in this half of the building since 1990, and then when the restaurant next door closed, we took over that half as well.” Originally, Abbat opened as a temporary Halloween party-supply store, but they have now expanded, offering a wide selection of themes such as birthdays and holidays.

It’s My Party doesn’t look like the typical party-supply store. Instead of endless aisles of products in a warehouse, It’s My Party is a smaller sized store; however,  they have a large staff ready and willing to help customers with their shopping needs. The staff makes sure that customers are getting what they want, so they can help those who aren’t sure of what they need to pull off the perfect party.DSCF2048

Abbat understands what customers need and has picked the perfect spot to open his doors.  He says he chose the Danforth area because “I lived close by, in a house just down the street, and I wanted to break the mold of what other retailers set up. I didn’t want to be in the city with a large warehouse. Here we’re more of a boutique.” It’s My Party has the added advantage of being located within walking distance of Chester subway station, making it quick and easy to get to, which customers appreciate.

Although shop space is limited, the store is filled with everything you need to create your party space. Masks are on display, piñatas hang from the ceiling in all shapes and sizes, and of course there are balloons everywhere.

Their busiest time of the year is Halloween, but It’s My Party caters to large parties as well as smaller events. As part of the Danforth community, It’s My Party helps with the supply for street festivals such as Taste of the Danforth. They create custom balloons to celebrate the different parties that line Toronto’s streets in the summer.


This summer Abbat is opening a secondary outlet location on Danforth Rd. There he plans to sell overstock items for popular themes, like Halloween, at discounted prices.

It’s My Party is the store to go to on the Danforth to make your party great. Right now they offer tons of Valentine themed party supplies, so stop by and check it out to make a special day for you and your loved ones! And if you want to know how to make your party a success, check out Abbat’s top-five list of tips for a great party.

Stephane Abbat’s Top Five Party Tips

5. Attire

What you wear, and what your guests wear, really makes a party. Things like cowboy hats really make a difference. Even if it’s just a playful balloon hat, it’s something makes your party memorable and makes for great photographs.  Costumes add that little extra bit of fun that turns a good party into a great party.

4. Novelty Items

These items, like noise makers or confetti poppers will bring the kitsch that your party needs. Novelty items include games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Beer Pong or Ring Toss. Novelty items like these will bring people together.


3. Decor

When you’re decorating your party-room make sure everything matches! If you’re having a birthday party and it has a multi-coloured themed, then make sure all the decorations are multi-coloured. If you’re favourite colour is red, then try to make the plates, the napkins, and the balloons red. This pulls everything together.

2. Balloons

Everyone loves balloons. Even just a few balloon centrepieces can bring a room to life and really get people in the mood to party.

1. Theme

This is crucial. Set a theme, even if it’s just a birthday. If it is a kid’s birthday, is it a Batman theme or Hello Kitty? With adults, use age-themes, like a dirty-thirty birthday. No matter what the occasion, pick a theme, and stick to it!

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