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Tasting Teas at Tsaa

The quaint little teashop that could is keeping locals warm this winter

By Jaaron CollinsIMG_9487

Walking into Tsaa Tea Shop, I’m greeted with a smile and a friendly “hello!” This unique tea oasis has quickly become my favourite place to relax on the Danforth.  Tsaa has been a part of the Danforth community for four years and seems to be quite the busy place. With its hot drinks, delicious food, and welcoming staff, it’s no surprise I’ve never seen it empty.

From warming up with a mug of specialty tea (in interesting flavours of oolong, green, black, white and herbal teas) to enjoying gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meal options, Tsaa has something for everyone. It’s the place where I soothe my bubble tea addiction on a regular basis, with a variety of flavours including red bean, mango, lychee, and taro. 


Tsaa offers a sensory experience like no other. Smell the teas before you sample a cup. The staff encourages you to take a whiff before making your decision. Warm yourself by the cozy fire; it’s the perfect place to relax in a comfortable chair while chatting with friends and eating a lovely dessert, like their lavender cupcake. Windows along the entrance allow you to relax and watch the streetscape. Rain or shine, it’s the perfect place to sit.

Lunches are made fresh-to-order and this is evident in the taste. On my latest visit I watched firsthand as a fresh bag of apples were unpacked and brought into the kitchen. Green teas are Tsaa’s most popular, so head in and get cozy with a cup. Enjoy the soothing atmosphere with a book or some friends. With the snow on the ground, I know I’ll be back for a piping hot cup of coconut oolong. I’ll see you there.


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