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Faces of the Danforth

By: Nick Brehmer, Alicia  Kolenda, and Katie Yantzi

Faces of the Danforth is a photography project inspired by Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York.” Much like its inspiration, Faces of the Danforth strives to feature members of a community and connect those people on a more human level. Walking up and down the streets of the city, you see so many unique people; you might be surprised to discover that you have similar experiences or that you are indeed vastly different. Regardless, we hope you find the visuals of the Faces of the Danforth posts to be as inspirational as we do.



“It’s like Humans of New York but with a Greek slant!”
“Can I pose?”
“I’m an actor at heart.”
“He’s a ham.”


“Do you shop at the big carrot?”
“Yeah, it’s a 50/50 split between there and Whole Foods.”
“What’s your favourite thing about Whole Foods?”
“The variety and the display. But I need to watch out, you know, cause not everything is organic”



faces 2
“I like your hat.”
“Mine or hers?”
“Both! You’re very colorful. Do you always match?”
“She actually has the same scarf under her coat. We’re a rainbow family.”

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